VETS Animal Charity has a swift approval process 24 hours a day, as we understand pets in crisis need decisions to be made quickly, however, we do require the full cooperation of applicants to provide necessary paperwork and due diligence of other funding options so we are able to determine charity assistance needs.

1) Pets must be in a crisis state & prognosis can not be guarded.

2) A minimum contribution of $500 is required by person responsible for pet’s account.

3) Cases that are not critical but dramatically change a pets quality of life will be considered on a case by case basis.

4) VETS Animal Charity assists with funding Canadian cases only.

5) We can not accept applications AFTER treatment has commenced (our partnering veterinarians can stabilize pet through approval process). VETS Animal Charity must be involved from the beginning of the case, and care must be given through one of our partnering veterinarian emergency clinics.

6) VETS Animal Charity will assist with funding up to $2,500 with our partnering veterinary clinics.  Our partnering clinics discount the remainder of the costs of services (and must show a deep discount to original billing).  Billing can not exceed our charity payout mandate plus contribution by person responsible for the pets account. We work with partnering clinics to help offset veterinarian costs to the clinic, not to be of financial gain.  

7) VETS Animal Charity must be used as a last resort and not a 1st option which allows us to maximize our donations and help those pets that truly have no available options for funding.  We encourage pet parents to speak with family and friends to assist with financing your pets treatment plan, and proof of attempted financing through avenues such as Petcard or Medicard must be provided.

8) Though we accept applications with a household income of up to 75,000, VETS Animal Charity operates on a sliding scale, whereas you may be required to pay back a portion or all of the funding made available, without interest, based on household income.  Lower income families will be fully funded by VETS Animal Charity.

Your pet must be examined by a veterinarian prior to applying for VETS Animal Charity.   

A vet must confirm your pet is in crisis / Medical records must be available for review.

*** Applicants must provide proof of household income, 30 days of current banking, and valid identification with application

*** It is requested that recipients of VETS Animal Charity funding volunteer in at least 1 charity event

*** VETS Animal Charity will assist with funding to approved veterinary clinics across Canada.  Please contact for further details.


Questions?  Please contact, or call 416.690.0625