VETS Animal Charity was founded by Dr. Morris Samson and Dr. Jonathan Mitelman. Owning a 24/7 emergency veterinarian clinic, they understood all too well the financial struggles many pet parents faced when it came to emergency care.

The Doctors also saw far too often, pets without pet parents, needing emergency care, but having nobody to speak on their behalf.

Sweetie Pie and Samson are both examples of pets that were abandoned, needing assistance, and though Dr. Samson and Dr. Mitelman as well as some wonderful folks from across Canada, donated funds and volunteered time to assist these two pups with their care, it was realized that there were so many more pets needing help, and limited charities available to assist.

VETS Animal Charity was founded, and supported by Veterinarians in the Greater Toronto Area as well as pet parents from the community that stepped up and volunteer their time on our Board of Directors.

Currently, VETS Toronto, Vaughan Richmond Hill Emergency Clinic and Kleinburg Animal Hospital are participating clinics, offering deeply discounted fees and volunteer time to recognize the charitable aspect of VETS Animal Charity funding.

We hope in time to have participating clinics across Canada, so no pet kid in need is denied the help they deserve.

If you’re in need of assistance, please contact denise@vetsanimalcharity.com or call 416.690.0625

One person ~ One donation ~ One pet at a time