VETS Animal Charity

Helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs.

  • Eliminate pet suffering because owners are unable to financially provide emergency care.
  • Help keep pet families together instead of having to owner surrender to shelters or rescues.
  • Assist pets that have been abandoned because of emergency medical needs with required crisis care and finding forever homes.
  • Doing our part for pet overpopulation, by ensuring all pets receive a spay/neuter that have come to us in an emergency situation.
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Mission Statement
To promote the moral and ethical development of Canadian communities by helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs to pet owners who cannot absorb such costs due to economic hardship.

Pets We Have helped



We were added to an email for a request to help a Royal Canadian Navy Veteran in distress. There were key military folks included in the call to action for this hero that had fallen through the cracks and found himself personally in a terrible situation that required immediate action. His military family jumped in to make things right, without hesitation. While people were quick to assist this 75 year old Veteran, all this gentleman was concerned about was the health and well being of his sole companion; his dog Thelma. Thelma was not feeling well, and he knew she



3 month old Dolce literally jumped out a window. She fell about 30 feet to the sidewalk. A huge thank you to 55 Division - Toronto Police Service who rushed her to an emergency clinic. Dolce arrived to the emergency clinic where a team of veterinarians consulted on her case.  Dolce was paralyzed, likely due to trauma from the fall.  She also had a shattered hip and shoulder. Dolce's pet Dad was devastated, being unable to afford the cost of her medical care. VETS Animal Charity covered the cost of care for this little one, discounted by our partnering veterinarians and paid



Sasha came to us after having a large mass protruding from her vulva that was already necrotic as it had been left untreated for quite some time.  She was in distress and at risk of many life threatening complications had she not received her surgery quickly. Sasha received the surgery she required, along with a spay and being only 6 years old, recovered very quickly.

One person, one donation, One pet at a time