VETS Animal Charity

Helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs.

  • Eliminate pet suffering because owners are unable to financially provide emergency care.
  • Help keep pet families together instead of having to owner surrender to shelters or rescues.
  • Assist pets that have been abandoned because of emergency medical needs with required crisis care and finding forever homes.
  • Doing our part for pet overpopulation, by ensuring all pets receive a spay/neuter that have come to us in an emergency situation.
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Mission Statement
To promote the moral and ethical development of Canadian communities by helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs to pet owners who cannot absorb such costs due to economic hardship.

Pets We Have helped



Buddy is a beautiful 5 year old Border Collie. He was rescued by his current pet mom after being abandoned at a bus station 9 months ago. Buddy is vomiting, lethargic, jaundice, experiencing abdominal pain, is not eating.. He's rushed to VETS Toronto and admitted immediately. Doctor Mitelman begins fact finding, blood, urine, ultra sounds, x-rays. Ultra sound evidence shows peritonitis and pancreatitis differentials. Buddy was dying. The insurance company denies the claim stating "pre-existing condition. Buddy had a full recovery.

Skyway Kitten


Santa was watching over this little girl. Merry Christmas sweet angel. Only weeks old, and found in the middle of the road under the Skyway Bridge in Hamilton Myra & Andrew, against all odds, spotted her last night (how, they're not even sure). Oddly, there was no traffic, at all. Not a single car. As though there was a magical barrier, just waiting until this little one could get to safety. The couple circled down and around to the kitten, scooped her up off the road, unsure if she had been hit or injured in anyway. They then pulled over



This very polite young boy was found on a median with traffic zipping by.  A kind passerby stopped to help kitten and discovered a very large gash on the top of his head.  He was hanging on to life, and only a few steps away from being hit by another car. He was rushed to VETS Toronto, and because he didn't have an Owner to speak on his behalf, VETS Animal Charity stepped in to fund kitten's recovery.  Though he had a severe head trauma and fractured skull, he continues to improve each day, and we're confident he'll make a perfect

One person, one donation, One pet at a time