VETS Animal Charity

Helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs.

  • Eliminate pet suffering because owners are unable to financially provide emergency care.
  • Help keep pet families together instead of having to owner surrender to shelters or rescues.
  • Assist pets that have been abandoned because of emergency medical needs with required crisis care and finding forever homes.
  • Doing our part for pet overpopulation, by ensuring all pets receive a spay/neuter that have come to us in an emergency situation.
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Mission Statement
To promote the moral and ethical development of Canadian communities by helping animals in need of emergency medical assistance or care, by providing the needed financial assistance for veterinarian costs to pet owners who cannot absorb such costs due to economic hardship.

Pets We Have helped



Poor Mystic took a spill while jumping and broke her pelvis.Her pet mom is on a senior pension and bills are already tight. VETS Animal Charity will pay for Mystic's pelvic fusion surgery and get her back into Mom's lap as soon as possible! We are asking the public as well as corporations for a special, one-time gift during this holiday season too help pet kids like Mystic. Tax receipts will be issued as we are a Registered Canadian


pet angel

R.I.P Spazz Spazz was a special feline friend, that suddenly became extremely ill.  Though Spazz crossed over Rainbow Bridge, we were honoured to have helped his family with financial support to fact find with hopes we would be able to treat the illness. Ultimately, we were only able to keep him comfortable in his final hours.   And so they may be gone from us,treasured friends are never forgotten.On behalf of all the Doctors and support staff of Kingston Road Animal Hospital as well as VETS Animal Charity our sincere condolences.



Ghost is a kitten that was found in a garbage can over Halloween when she was about 3 weeks old. Though Ghost is kind and polite and the sweetest girl you ever did meet, she does have a huge medical issue. She's unable to defecate on her own. Her colon is extremely enlarged, stretched, and is unable to pass even very small sized feces. VetsToronto has been working on her for a month with medication, stool softeners and daily enemas to keep her comfortable with hopes her body would begin to function as it should on it's own. It will

One person, one donation, One pet at a time